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About Visage Cosmetics

Visage cosmetics is a Trade only distributor to the cosmetics and beauty industry. Focus has been placed on salon quality, affordability and delivery. Visage intends to support its clients with high quality products, and not just brands. As we believe not one brand has all the answers, so we too believe in testing all products internally and through trusted partners, to ensure we source the most innovative and highest quality products.

You will notice we only stock brands that you will typically not find on the high street, the reason? We prefer to source products from manufacturers that concentrate their efforts and resources on creating innovative and high quality products and not on TV ads, magazine ads and social media. And guess what? This means the price is less! When you strip out all of the media spend from a product, you actually are left with an unbelievably affordable product that still retains all the quality and finesse you've come to expect.

All products you see displayed are in stock in our warehouse, ready for next day shipping. You can order up until 5pm daily, Monday to Friday, and your order will be delivered to you the next working day, typically before 12 noon. 

We even provide FREE of charge a "drop ship" service, meaning we will deliver the product direct to your customers door, the next working day. Even more impressive will be, that the delivery docket will have your business logo, email and phone number. There will be no mention of Visage Cosmetics. You literally only have to press a few buttons, and your customer receives their order the very next working day!

Imagine a range that:

  • You can use in confidence with your customers
  • You don't need 4 figures to take on the agency
  • You don't need to stock the product
  • You gain a very healthy profit margin
  • You can sell in your premises

YES, you've guessed's here!

It's very simple, we provide the products, support and the infrastructure to allow you to concentrate on what you do best, build your business.





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